Leonard Cohen Took A Break From The Music!

After releasing another album titled The Future in 1992, Cohen made a decision to take a break from the music scene by retiring to a Buddhist monastery in Mount Baldy behind Los Angeles. Later on, he emerged from the Zen center in 1999 and made his return to the studio; during this time, Cohen produced album titled Ten New Songs in 2001, followed by Dear Heather in 2004. In 2005, Leonard Cohen realized that his former business manager had embezzled from his $5 million, technically wiping out everything from his retirement fund. Although the court ordered that he would be paid $7.9, Cohen was not able to recover that money, and therefore he decided to get back on the road to try and get back to where he was financially before everything started going down the wrong way.

In 2008, Cohen got back on the road, after being out of the scene for 15 years mainly to try and regain his lost finances. In 2012, Cohen produced another album titled Old Ideas; all these songs including the Live In London Tour can be found in Mahee Ferlini’s uploads on popular YouTube network. All you need is to follow the uploads and listen to Cohen’s music. 

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