San Diego Area Eye Surgery

The vision issues are becoming more frequent in modern day, not only because of the genetic flaws, but because of the content eye exposure to screens, heavy backlight, and other detrimental things. Lucky for us, the modern medicine have evolved and managed to provide the patients with the sophisticated solutions for their eye problems. The eye clinics around the world today can provide amazing treatments and eye surgeries for remedying all kinds of eye problems. Patients can now choose between a wide varieties of procedures to help them correct their vision.

ReLEx Smile eye surgery procedure is the new innovative method in the field, offering amazing results. This is also the least invasive method of eye surgery, using all the benefits the revolutionary new third generation femtosecond laser brings. The VisuMax laser, made by Carl Zeiss, uses a small 4 millimeter incision in the cornea to extract the lenticule of tissue, reshaping the cornea itself, so that it reflect the light onto the retina. The tissue is not vaporized or destroyed in any way, and can later be used. You can find ReLex Smile San Diego  area doctors who perform this procedure, and have your vision problems solved in less than an hour. 

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