UFC 189 Will Make a History

Making a big scene and calling the police to get the sample collector deported only makes the whole thing exponentially worse because it makes you look like you’re potentially hiding something. Rules or not, pass the test and prove you are heading into the biggest fight of the year without the aid of PEDs.

Sure, Aldo took a drug test the next day and it was sent to the same lab it would have been the day before, but then he had a full day to prepare for a test he knew was coming. That doesn’t look good, especially not in today’s PED-sensitive MMA climate. Again, that’s not to suggest in any way that Aldo is on PEDs, but if he wasn’t, why would he and his team raise such a stink?

There’s also the suggestion that if Aldo feels he has to use steroids to defeat ‘Notorious,’ then the Irishman is already in his head as many have already suggested. It’s an entirely valid possibility.

The whole thing raises the highly hypothetical scenario where Aldo could be removed from UFC 189. If he s found to be on PEDs, then he should be. Surging no. 1-ranked Frankie Edgar would most likely be readily available to take Aldo’s place against McGregor.

But that just isn’t the same fight we’ve been waiting for, meaning that the onus of the UFC’s biggest card of 2015 will now rest on the results of Aldo’s second drug test. And considering that he didn’t want to have to his first one submitted for reasons unknown, that’s far from the best situation for the UFC as they try to rid themselves of the negative public perception that MMA fighters are steroid-fueled monsters.

The fight between Aldo vs McGregor will be on July 11th live on pay per view. Get your tickets now and watch them live at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada USA.

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