Amongst all the aspiring builders, one thing is surely common and that is intake of dietary supplement. The most common dietary supplement is isolate whey protein. Isolate whey protein is derived from milk products. It contains high amount of lactose and is very good for the health of muscles and tissues. It enables a person build some quick and solid muscles and also helps in repairing the damaged tissues. Whey protein also stops the cravings for junk food and sweet food. The only problem with whey proteins is that they are way too costly. Here is a list of the cheapest whey protein shakes for those who cannot do without them:

  1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass: This is one of the many cheapest whey protein shakes that you can buy; it will cost you a sum of $4 per pound. It is healthy for your body and will help you build muscles efficiently.
  2.  EAS 100% isolate whey protein: Here is another protein powder you can buy; it will cost you $40 for 5 pounds. It is delicious to taste and it can be effective if you can use the right way.
  3. Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein: This protein powder has oodles of oats and milk. It will cost $39 for 4 pounds.

Anyway, before buying any whey protein available in the market, consult your health providers.