The professional accreditation of an English tutoring school adds much credibility to the learning institution as a whole. There are several you may wish to keep in mind and ask the school if they can share documentation of these accreditations. One is the Languages Canada accreditation that English tutoring schools receive. Tutoring schools that meet these rigorous certifications are evaluated on such standards such as curriculum, teacher professional certifications, student services, and promotion to name a few. When a school meets this intense set of evaluations it has the respect and credibility with the entire international community.

Another good standard to meet for an English tutor in Vancouver is being a member of a tutoring school that has met the Quality English standards. The members of the Quality English Team oversee English tutoring institutions globally. The quality English Team strictly check the schools through student evaluations, references by agents, and certification results. A school with this reputation should be another strong indicator of somewhere you want to possibly master the English language. Your English tutor should also have the following minimum requirements. A four degree from a university.

A TESOL certificate teaching diploma. Finally they should have at least 3 years teaching experience to Non English speakers. Though the process of finding an English Tutor in Vancouver can seem tedious by following these simple steps for it can give some insight into the top schools that you could possibly use. Doing your homework right off the bat will pay off in the long run. Happy school searching. Learn more about English Tutor in Vancouver here .