Have you ever seen an image that is cartoonish in nature? Such illustration is called a caricature. Many of these pictures are images of people. However, they can be drawings of things and places as well. However, caricatures are different from a standard drawing since they appear distorted. And the trick is to exaggerate the flaws of the subject. For instance, if the person’s jaw is prominent, the drawing will make this part bigger as well. However the picture must still be recognized as the subject and must not look someone else. Another example is exaggerating the person’s ears by drawing an extra large “dumbo” ears.

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Caricature drawings are made to make the image funny. This is often employed in comic strips like political cartoons reflecting famous political personalities. If you are a high spirited individual, you wouldn’t mind appearing funny on the drawing. After all you know that this drawing is meant to  look funny to its viewers so it just serves it purpose best.