High intensity workout is the best

There are so many different ways a person can exercise and lose weight.  Most exercise or workout programs people follow are to lose weight.  People fail to realize that you should also exercise to get stronger and build muscle.  When you build muscle your body burn more calories to survive compare to if you had less muscle.  Any best weight loss program should include proper exercise routine for the weight loss plan.  Exercise is very important for overall health.

Most of our patients are put on high intensity with low duration workout plan.  In which they workout at high intensity but with short period of time.  Rather than working out for hours with 5 minute break between each exercise.  Our program is based off working out at high intensity and not taking break for more than 30 seconds but only working out for 10-12 minutes.  There are many benefits of such workout plan.

First benefit is time.  People are able to save a lot of time as it doesn’t require them to work out for hours at a time.  Second benefit of such work out is that people don’t have to go to gyms and get expensive memberships, as they can do this workout at home.

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