Expert Advice On Search Engine Optimization

There are several mistakes that are commonly done by SEO professionals that can really make or break any business. So it is important for you to learn from these mistakes to achieve top positions in top search engines results. 

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1. Duplicate or low quality content Top search engines rewards unique fresh content and penalizes duplicate content. The best way of preventing duplicate content is to either write your own personal content, rewrite articles you could have rights to, or outsource content coming from a professional writer. Try to avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content could make or break your enterprise. 

2. Keyword optimization is not fine Some webmasters make the mistake of not putting enough keywords on the webpage. If you are looking to run a successful business then you will need to put keywords throughout your whole article enough without keyword stuffing (putting a great number of keywords in the article). 

You can put your keywords in your domain name url, in your H1 and H2 tags, meta-tags, and throughout your whole article. 

Make sure you could have highly targeted long-tail keywords within your article as well. 3. Putting large exposure of Low Quality Backlinks If you generate low quality back-links to your site, it may boost your rank slightly, but not nearly where you want it to be. If you are searching for quality links, then it becomes best to exchange links with sites which may have a high PR.

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