The Version Of Your PSN Code Generator Counts

I bought my first PlayStation several months ago. Since then, I managed to get bored with the initial dozen of games and I am thinking about buying a full subscription to the PlayStation Network. I have enough money, this isnt my problem. However, I want to try the network before paying for a full subscription and I dont want to lose a cent. Therefore, my option is a PSN code generator that could give me a working code, at least for a week.

The problem is that there are hundreds of sites such as that give a PSN code generator and many of these programs are already outdated. In other words, they wont work because those specific codes expired or were banned by Sony. A working psn code generator is therefore hard to get, especially if you are new to this domain.

My thorough search got me nowhere, until a friend told me he had once a working code generator. He gave it to me but it didnt work. I knew its name however and it helped me search for a new version of the program. To my surprise, the latest version worked perfectly and now I have a full month subscription to the PSN.

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