It is very common for people to purchase stun guns but have no idea how to use them when the time comes that you need one. Knowing how to properly use your stun gun will give you more confidence when you are out at night and alone. Here are a few tips to help you with using a personal protection device like this for self defense.

Always read the brochure of a stun gun when you first purchase it. This will help you recognize the different features. Most stun guns are straight or curved with a grip on them like a gun. They will provide stopping power of 200,000 to 1,000,000 volts into an attacker.

An immobilizer works by stifling a body and making it tumble to the ground. This is because the voltage running into the body stops the electrical neurotransmitters beginning from the psyche for a brief time period. You can  also visit websites like to get more information online.

When you use immobilizers they should touch the attacker while you are crushing the catch. You will hold it against them for no under 3 – 5 seconds which should give you enough time to get away.

The time allotment you will hold the immobilizer against the assailant will depend on upon how strong the voltage traversing the gun is. Do whatever it takes not to stretch, the voltage going into the attacker won't be passed back to you paying little respect to the way that you are touching them.