Chocolate, candies, and sweets have shared their moments of success, booming time, and a major hit. Nowadays, the candies and chocolate industry have become a part of our modern world and condition. Kids – as well as adults – all over the world can’t really separate themselves from the sweets. So, what exciting things can you get from such a hype and popular trend? candy buffet

Candies, Sweets, and Chocolate Fun Facts

There are some things that you may not know about the history and the development of the candies and chocolate. Some of them are pretty exciting and some of them are pretty surprising. 

•    Milton Hershey (yes, from that popular brand) started to make his own shop by the age of 19. It happened in 1871 where Hershey started his Philadelphia’s confectionary shop.

•    A cup of decaf coffee and an ounce of milk chocolate have the same amount of caffeine candy buffet

•    Americans have the annual consumption of 22 pounds of candy and chocolate. But it is much less than what Europeans consume. 

•    Americans consume around 2.8 billion pounds of candies and chocolate annually. It means that it is around 11 pounds a person. 

•    Some candies are free of cholesterol and fat. Candy canes, gumdrops, lollipops, sour balls, gummy bears, and licorice twist are the healthier treats.

•    Around 60 million of chocolate Easter bunnies are made on a yearly basis

•    America produces more candies and chocolate but it is the Swiss that consume the most with the UK following on the second place. 

•    Chocolate is dangerous for dogs. For a puppy, a milk chocolate with two ounces of weight can be quite poisonous and harmful. 

•    Cocoa butter has the melting point just below the standard body temperature. This is one of the main reasons why chocolate will melt when you put it inside your mouth. 

•    The lollipop was invented in 1908 by George Smith. It was named after a racing horse, the Lolly Pop.