Daily Archive: April 3, 2017

Does Everyone Have Phobias?

We each have seen tons of films and read hundreds of posts in the newspaper and on websites online about various phobias that people in this world have. A few of these phobias are clear such as the common ones, such as the fear of heights (acrophobia) as well as the anxiety about water (hydrophobia).

But the question is that does everyone have phobias or just some people have? For more details on phobias, you may have a look at http://myfearofheights.com/.

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The reply to the question above is overly long, mostly because in many cases folks have not yet come across their phobias or are too ignorant to find them.

Scientists believe that everyone in this world has phobias. However big or small the fears might be, they're however a panic and classified as a phobia. Some phobias are clear and dangerous while others are sedate and may not harm the person. As has been lately discovered, it is also genetic in nature.

Some specific phobias are known to be passed on from generation to generation amongst particular families. So the conclusion of the assorted studies have taken us a step nearer to answering the eternal question it is only present in some individuals, or if everyone truly has phobias.

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