There are thousands of supplements, diet programs, and injections that are available on the market today. Many even claim to be targeted towards men over 40. So why should you choose Clark Bartram's TestMax Nutrition? While other meal plans may help temporarily with unwanted weight and lack of muscle tone, they fail to address the root of many men's problems. The reason many men over 40 have gained weight and lost the muscles they had in their youth is they are not getting the nutrition they need from their diet.

Even if you are eating healthy foods from the list of TestMax meals Clark Bartram provides, many do not understand that as men age, the dietary needs of their body do as well. TestMax Nutrition was created on this understanding and works to put the necessary nutrients for productive and lasting weight loss and muscle building back into a man's diet. When your body is receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals from your diet, it can function at peak capacity. When you eat the right foods, weight loss will no longer be a struggle, and you may find yourself recapturing the energy and vitality of your youth.

TestMax meals is not a quick fix, the quest for true health never is. You will have to put effort into it, by creating your meals and following the three phase, 90-day program. Fortunately, TestMax Nutrition makes this easy. Every step of the program is clearly laid out and explained. You will find in the program explanations that help you to understand why the program works, shopping lists to make getting your ingredients a cinch, detailed explanations of how to efficiently create your TestMax meals, and even an app to provide you ongoing support as you journey towards a healthier version of yourself. Embarking on the 90-day TestMax meals program available at will change the way you approach health for the rest of your life.