There are quite a few challenges that international businesses face as it is all about meeting the regulatory guidelines of different countries where they operate in. It is easier to abide by the rules and regulations of a single country as opposed to being able to easily stipulate your company's terms of operation that would be applicable to every country around the world where your company may have a branch for example.

There has recently been news spreading online about a fertilizer and grains company facing issues in Russia for example, for a range of different reasons that are as complex as it could get. If you read news about Ameropa Holding which is an international Swiss based company operating in different parts of the world including Russia then you would realise that they have specific issues facing in Russia which includes taxation as well as breach of agreements that come to place when International Businesses operate in a foreign country.

There are usually trade agreements between two countries in the world which make it easier for a company belonging to one country to operate in another without significant issues and challenges. However sometimes it may be a challenge understanding these agreements which may in itself present issues for companies.