The Problem of a Cat Spraying Without the Need to Urinate

It is common for cat owners to face problems concerned with spraying. Since it is a common behavior among cats, you cannot point out one single reason due to which a cat sprays. The reasons why a cat is spraying are aplenty. It is a common notion that pet cats don’t spray as often as wild cats or street cats. It is true to an extent. When a cat is entirely outdoors, nobody is going to be worrying about its spraying habits. But, a pet cat lives in a house. If it is spraying, it is going to do it indoors. What if a cat sprays on an expensive piece of furniture in the house? Well, that is a concern for the residents of the house which would prompt them to look for a way on how to stop a cat from spraying.

Well, if a cat gets the urge to urinate, it would definitely do so just like any other living being. Problem arises when a cat sprays when it doesn’t have the urge to urinate. You can easily find out by looking at the amount of urine. Stress is a common reason cited by veterinarians when they are asked why a cat sprays. But, most cat specialists would not agree with them. Stress is just one reason. There are many other reasons for a cat spraying inappropriately.

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