Selling Stock Images – Research Tips For Artists

If you want to make the most money possible when selling your images to an online stock image site, it's important to research the websites first.

By doing all your homework before submitting your images, you will find out helpful information, including what quality of the image is satisfactory to a specific site, how much the images have to be improved if, what images sell the best, and what images might be missing in the top 40 best sellers. You can also navigate to For Free Stock Photos, Royalty Free Images (CC).

It is not hard to analyze the top selling images, and this article will let you know how. Let's use the example of pictures of animals, specifically lions because these can be quite cool images. First, type the term "lion" in the search box of the stock image site that you are interested in, and make sure the most downloaded images appear first.

The sheets of Zodiac symbols are made up of a couple of symbols, including an image of your lion. Each work has a definite style, which is completely different from another. Each is illustrations, and only 1 was dark and white. Since there are various types of zodiac symbols (a scale, a lobster, a crab) upon this one image, it could be contained in multiple categories. You can also buy creative commons photos for your website.

Because only 5 out of the 40 top images were prints of zodiac symbols, it appears like there may be room to increase in this category. If I were an illustrator, I would create a full page with zodiac symbol that had a distinctive, attractive appearance and style that was not the same as others that are on the web page.

Also on the website are cartoon pictures of lions that are just attractive for children age groups 5 and under. However, again, almost all of they are a conglomeration of cartoon animals, one of which is a lion, so these conglomerations could be submitted to more the one category on the web page.

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