Trash Talking Is The Best Way To Sell A Fight

Their world tour press conference about the Mayweather McGregor on the 26th of August happening at the T-Mobile Arena was a success with everything went well according to what their promoters would want it to end and happen on the tour. They have been working really hard in promoting their fight and as well as the McGregor vs Mayweather live stream PPV which is another area that could bring up more sales for the team and the event organizers as well. Their press conferences were entertaining and their boxing and UFC fans loved it as both fighters are known to be very good at entertaining using verbal exchanges. Although the real contact fight hasn’t started yet but several verbal confrontations are already happening; even in their social media dedicated accounts. They are excited and couldn’t wait for this to take place since a lot of speculations are made on who will be victorious in the ring as they want to get a comparison if the fighters are not just talk during their interviews.

Moving on, even though a lot have liked the way their world press conference ended, there are other individuals that are not pleased with how they acted and talked during their conference. There have been a lot of controversy and a lot were hurt as well with what McGregor and Mayweather said in their conferences although it was only meant for them. But, they cannot deny the fact that the fighters have been doing racial slurs and have been targeting several group of people that are sensitive to that matter. Others see the world conference as a joke since the only what to effectively market and promote the Mayweather McGregor fight is to sell hate and verbal aggression in front of their fans; with all the insults and racism thrown at each other, the fans seem to love-hate it.

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