Having heard the name Thota vaikuntam in the scenario for Indian paintings, you might be wondering as to what kind of paintings does this person paint. Well, for starters, he undertakes sketches of the Indian village life, ensuring that the people that are simply looking at his canvas will be able to get an idea on the quality of Indian life. The village life is filled with a lot of interesting subjects, and a simple portrayal of everything going on on a day-to-day activity is what seems to be the subject for Thota Vaikuntam paintings.

The other thing about most of Thota vaikuntam paintings is that it has been steadily gaining exposure in the international arena. His charcoal paintings of the Indian village life are mesmerizing to say the least, and continue to be the perfect portrayal of what Indian villages look like without the need to fabricate anything of any sort. So, if you want to take a look into the honest Indian life through the works of a painter, then simply looking at Thota vaikuntam paintings will help you a long way.

With the proper exposure of Indian paintings, it is definitely going to secure the limelight that was eluded so far.