Why Butterfly Valves Are Also Known As Pressure Relief Valves

In this respect, it’s fairly like the ball valve. However, rather than using a chunk as an anchor, it uses a disk that’s inserted into the middle of the pipe. A pole is inserted into the disk so as to link it to the actuator located on the exterior of the pipe.

What actually makes the butterfly control valve different than the ball style is that regardless of what position it’s in, the stream will make a drop in pressure. If you want to learn more about butterfly valves and about other valves then visit http://www.asia-pacifics.com/products_brand/Ace%20Valve.

butterfly valve

Stress relief butterfly valves are categorized as quarter turn valves, and there are numerous distinct types to pick from. The Most Popular styles include the following:

  • Resilient – owns a flexible, rubber seats and a working pressure of 232psi.
  • High Performance – includes a double bizarre design and a working pressure of 725psi.

Additionally, pressure relief butterfly valves also differ based upon their mounting scheme. The most common design choice is the wafer style.

These are fairly inexpensive and are made to maintain a seal against pressure from a number of directions which prevents backflow in systems which are only designed for a single flow direction. They utilize a closely fitting seal, like an o-ring or gasket, and a flat face on either side of the valve.

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