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Like the popular weeks of July, the ruby was promised to be a trusted supply of warmth and light. In accordance with early Hindu and Greek legends, it’s advised that the hot sparkles of this blossom can light up spots, boil water, and melt the powder.

Not only is that this bead among love, but also among security. Members of Chinese armies wore rubies in their armor. Bruma armies even planted rubies in their skin from the faith which the crimson could protect them during the conflict.

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Once on a time, some reddish stone like garnet (January’s birthstone), was regarded as a ruby. It was not until the 1800’s the rubies we understand now formally belonged to a group called mineral corundum. Cosmetic corundum is usually dull and gray in color, though, can be discovered in colors of blue, red, orange, purple, green, and brown.

The treasured rubies were mined from the Mogok valley of upper Burma. All these rubies exhibit the pure and vivid colors of crimson that got the ruby its name as “a profound dip in their heart blood of mother earth”. The Crimson can be Thailand’s national gemstone, in which their rubies are famous for their brownish-red colors.