Should You Join Clickbank University?

There may be many alternatives, but it seems that Clickbank University is still one of the most popular resources for those who want to make money as affiliate marketers.  So is it really worth the $47 membership fee or can you find the same information elsewhere for free?

Clickbank University was set up by two successful affiliate marketing millionaires with the full support and backing of Clickbank, one of the leading affiliate networks and probably the easiest to join for whose who are new to affiliate marketing.  This is where the name “Clickbank University” came from.  Rest assured – that’s not an infringement of copyright, Clickbank has officially allowed CBU to use it’s name.

Inside the members area you will have access to both the main courses that make up the training side of Clickbank University – one about affiliate marketing and another about creating and promoting your own products (both are about 6-8 weeks long).  There are also forums, tools and support from the staff at CBU if you need it as well.

So is CBU worth the membership fee?  A payment of $47 isn’t a huge amount of money, but it’s not insignificant either.  If you can afford to pay that easily then I’d defiantly recommend joining – and don’t forget that you can get a refund within a month if you’re not satisfied.  If it sounds too expensive then either save the money or look elsewhere online – you can learn much of what’s in Clickbank University for free on Youtube and with Google searches.

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