How To Make Outside Window Covering

If you want to improve the external appearance of your house, you can include an attractive window covering to the upper side of your house. The window that was on the front side of the house is more convenient to put covering.

Installing awing to windows is easy but while completing this work, you will need to have some tools. You can also hire professional window covering (which is also known as ‘ครอบคลุมหน้าต่าง’ in the Thai language) provider through online websites.

Step to install window covering

First of all, you have to take measurements of your window in which you want to install the covering. To cut the proper dimension of awing, you need to know the dimensions of your window. Now try to attach pieces of wood to the wall just above the window.

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Take wood piece which is specially prepared for an empty place above the window and join it to the wall. You can do this by using a nail gun. Use some wood to slide down to the edge of the window as well, to create a shape.

Add fabric now, take another similar piece of wood of length which suitable for attaching the fabric to the window. You must ensure that there is no uneven space between wood and fabric.

Awnings also come in a movable structure. They can be moved anywhere according to the requirement. They generally consist of a frame, a few pillars and a large piece of cloth attached to the frame.

They are used for residential and non-residential purposes. Hotels and restaurants often use awnings to protect an area for parties, receptions. In the non-residential building, awnings are used more often to act as a sign or board which have important information such as name, address and mobile no. painted on them.

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