Use Artificial Wood Batten For Flooring Of Home

It is important to install your wood flooring battens in the dry season, do not install wood flooring in the rain or humidity. Good quality wood to be used for flooring and should be stored in a dry place at room temperature and if possible should be kept at some height from the ground.

How to prepare the floor before fitting wooden battens

The most dangerous enemy of wood flooring is the presence of humidity so ensure that the sub-floor is dry. Browse online websites to know more benefit of artificial wood battens (which is also known as ‘ระแนงไม้เทียม’ in the Thai language)


Allow sufficient time for artificial wood flooring battens to adjust the conditions of the season. Installing wood does not have to have a water content of more than + 2% above the water content of the new floor.

It is advisable that the wooden battens must be treated against insects or fungi. The reason must have a proof layer of moist and water content does not exceed 5%. Sometimes it becomes impossible to achieve so extra precautions should be taken to avoid moisture from the floor.

Allow space for expansion:  Wood floors will contract and expand throughout the year. Wood will expand the width in the summer as the air becomes humid and timber pick up moisture and shrink in winter when the heat dries the air and removes moisture from the lath

In the kitchen, the floor should be installed with caution under the kitchen equipment, and be careful when moving the equipment on the floor. You can use the pads to protect the floor under smaller equipment to protect your floor against scratches and marks.

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