Varieties of Food in Thailand

We generally see two types of food, one is available in the market or at home and the second one is available at weddings. 

We all know that business can be a fantastic catering and business profit if some basics are followed correctly. Also, the widely accepted fact that the catering event more profitable for people, who are in the catering business.

The catering service providers are responsible for each and every food item form arranging food to arrange a coffee break (also known as “จัดพักดื่มกาแฟ” in the Thai language) at the wedding place.

Now, the second type of food which is the readymade food or available in the markets. Water chestnuts are one of the most delicious food in the market. Its taste is slightly sweet, fresh and crunchy texture.

This item can be found in any grocery store easily. Once peeled, water chestnuts (also known as “เกาลัดเมื่อปอกเปลือกแล้ว” in the Thai language) will keep for about a week in the fridge, but they must be covered in freshwater.

The trees are considered as sterile so that there should be at least two trees for pollination managed to start. They grow perfectly well-drained and moist soil.

The fruit can be ground into flour to make pasta, pancakes, and thickener in soups, stews, and sauces.

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