Have you ever gotten out of bed, taken a step and have the sensation you are stepping on glass? If you have, this is likely because you have plantar fasciitis or you have literally stepped on a piece of glass. Since it is most likely the former, plantar fasciitis can suddenly strike you without warning like this. It is the result of over-stressing the fascia, or connective tissue, on the sole of your foot.

There are a variety of paths to take to get there. This is common among runners, since they are pounding the pavement with their feet thousands of times during an average run. Think of the plantar fascia as a rope, and as it gets stressed and overdrawn thousands of times, some of the twines in the rope become damaged and begin to fray. When the little fibers are torn from too much stress, the plantar fascia becomes inflammed and the result is plantar fasciitis. 

Dr. Andy Wright from GreenLife Wellness in Greenville SC, explains how you don't just have to be a runner to get this. Other that are prone to plantar fasciitis are people who are overweight, on their feet all day, or have collapsed arches. If you have all three of these, you are pretty much begging for plantar fasciitis. 

Dr. Wright explains that prevention can be as simple as stretching the plantar fascia and other tight muscles in the leg, like your calves. Reducing your weight and wearing custom arch supports will also make a considerable impact.