Creating your life story is easy. After all, you know the main characters, the storyline, locations and you have complete control over how the story unfolds.

Most people worry about telling the truth, hurting the feelings of family and friends, or that it will be boring. To know more about how to make life stories you can visit

First of all, decide what you would like to do with your story? Do you want to record the events of your life for personal use? Share a family history?

Recording your life:

It will be easier if you break things down into sections-. Childhood, Teen years, Adulthood. Smaller sections will make it easier to take on the task of writing.

Do some free writing using a couple of prompts. What is your earliest memory? What did you do during the holidays? Who was your favorite teacher?

There is a lot of juice in our teen years. If you have a high school yearbook, use it to trigger some memories.

But you also have so many memories that it is a challenge to narrow your focus. Pick up a topic that has the most appeal to you. Is there a story you tell all the time?

Create a binder for your life story. You can add stories to the binder as you go along. At some point, you put it all together and decide whether to share or just have it for your own pleasure.