The major shock to any parent is to find their child being diagnosed with

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Many times parents aren’t aware of the right treatments that can be helpful for their child. There are many treatment procedures and therapies that can contribute to the child’s growth and learning. Therefore, it is very important that the treatment of the child should start as early as possible.


Besides medicines and behavioral training, there are many therapies related to autism in India that can be highly effective for the child suffering from autism. Following are some therapies that can be beneficial:

Sensory therapy:  Sensory problems are common in children suffering from autism. Some children are highly sensitive to external stimuli whereas some are exactly opposite. For proper functioning sensory therapies are provided that can considerably help the child in stabilizing and improving sensory problems.

Applied Behavioral Analysis Training: This training is very effective in the treatment method for autism, This is mainly associated with behavioral problems like slapping and hitting others, banging head, etc.

Speech Therapy: Many children effecting with autism in Chandigarh has speech problems. With this training, one can see a significant change in language and communication skills of the child.

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Training: This treatment approach is used to develop in children the ability to socialize with more and more people.

Many scientific studies have revealed that children suffering from autism spectrum who are provided early treatments show good improvements in communication, learning and social skills. Therefore, researchers have designed various therapies that can help individuals. The effectiveness of these therapies sometimes varies from person to person. Any child who is taking therapies should do it for at least 25 hours a week. Then only the effects will be seen. Apart from this, the therapists those who are performing therapies should be properly trained. Also, the program should allow parents to take an active part in both decision making and implementation of the program.