Apps industry continues to be an inevitable region of innovation with contemporary technology and advanced strategies coming up casual to help companies remain in the game. Mobile application development has experienced phenomenal growth in the previous years with much more companies realizing that a cellular program isn't any more a discretionary investment.


Web of Things, or popularly IoT is a technology which encourages the use of detectors in a variety of appliances and electronics to enable automated operation, monitoring and control. With the usage of IoT software in various fields, it's evident that programmers will opt for the more favorable apparatus for remote control functionality.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Whether it's a program or site, nobody likes to wait longer to get what they're seeking. As a remedy for this, Google lately triggered an approach named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allowing swift loading of cellular webpages. Contemplating that the search engine optimization benefits and the distinct search index offered by Google for mobile web, a lot of businesses opt for AMPs in the upcoming year. To learn how to hide apps on ios visit us at

Latest Trends of Mobile App Industry

Android Instant Apps

Inspired by Google, Android Instant Apps are as native programs that will become notable in the coming years due to their super-friendly usability. Unlike the standard programs, they don't require setup but function equally as cellular web pages, providing access to lots of features and advantages. Without a doubt, Immediate Apps absorbs less of cellphone's memory space and therefore will draw more consumers than ever due to the convenience they provide.

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) programs

Until today, VR and AR have shown their significance from the entertainment and games industry. Because these technology improvements have too much potential to revolutionize the program experience of consumers, it's clear that most company will develop with the tendency of AR and VR.