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Benefits of a Dashboard Cam For Insurance

A dashboard camera can be installed on your vehicle’s windshield or at dashboard and it records everything while you are driving. Latest cameras can record in night too with their infra-red sensor.  Camera automatically starts recording as soon as the car engine starts.  Dashboard camera saves all video data to a memory card even some can record High Definition videos.

Dashboard cameras are very famous in Canada because of its accidents and insurance fraud cases. A camera is your witness and can speak in case of any fraudulent allegation against you. If you are concerned about data privacy, i is not transmitted anywhere.

There are two parties who would be beneficial from dashboard camera, one is insurance company as they can save themselves from fraud claims and other one is law as it is easy to investigate the accident through the help of video footage.

You can find best and the cheapest dashboard cameras from online stores like eBay and Amazon. You can go with any option as there are multiple. You can have good quality camera within hundred dollars. You can also record your road trip in High Definition with the help of Dashboard camera for fun part.

Cameras Increase Safety & Convenience

It sometimes become very hard to back up vehicle, especially SUV or truck. You may have wished sometimes for a better view of what was behind you. Even if you have small vehicle you may face significant blind spots which make it hard for you to see when in reverse. Adding a rearview or back-up camera to your vehicle can drastically increase your rear vision when backing up and parking.

Back up camera is a special camera which can mount to the rear of your car, generally above the license plate. If you are installing this camera, point it slightly downwards which lets the driver to have a clearer view of what is on the ground behind them. The dash-mounted monitor permits drivers to easily view the camera transmission. Backup cameras will help prevent adults and children from being hurt or killed in backup accidents.

Vehicle incident cameras provided by http://zenducam.com/ can be installed to most cars, SUVs, trucks as well as RVs. If you have already installed a navigation system with a screen, your vehicle incident camera can be integrated into your existing system easily. If you do not have then no worries, a separate LCD screen can be mounted to your dash. Most aftermarket rearview cameras switch on automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse. These systems offer a variety of different features and range widely in price.