Try various methods listed below to deal with errors in Microsoft windows 10.

Microsoft Contact Support App

For quick contact with a Microsoft expert, you can actually consider a specific program built into Windows.

To look for the support utility in Microsoft windows 10, try Contact Support or Get Help in Start menu of Windows 10.

Here, you can easily raise a problem or browse with search topics to search out instructions from Microsoft which will solve your complications.

Telephone Call or Live Chat

You will observe furthermore suggestions at the bottom of Get Help window to look for guidance or handle Windows 10 problems.

Picking up a telephone call back offer from Microsoft professional will provided at the Get Help or Contact Support.

In case you use telephone call back offer, you can obtain time period when professional will likely be available to call you back, if that time frame is not proper for you, it is easy to manage a phone call back at some later duration of your decision.

You could look for discussion choice in case phone call back solution is not appropriate for you.

F1 Key

Pc keyboard shortcut button F1 is probably the most utilized form of finding guidance of different problems.

Each time you tap F1 button in software, it starts support documents of that active application. However in the Windows 10, whenever you select desktop and hit F1, it basically begins Bing search in default web browser with the search “how to get help in Windows 10”.

Cortana App

With the help of Cortana in MS Windows 10, you can easily look your issues in Microsoft windows 10.

You'll be able to look for video clip tutorials and lessons of issues with Cortana digital assistant in MS Windows 10.

To turn on Cortana, select mic in the menu bar or say that "Hey Cortana" when you've got that program enabled.