How Does Disruptive Physician Behavior Evolve?

In training programs, modeling instructors, attending you haven’t had a fantastic day unless the physicians are angry at you, we don’t always understand how we encounter:

  1. Poor anger control skills
  2. Failed expectations for perfection
  3. The new wave of doctor frustrations

The evolution of this behavior needs:

  1. Managed care
  2. Decreased autonomy
  3. Decreased reimbursements
  4. Mergers
  5. Increased government regulations
  6. Industry acumen weak


What Can the Behavior Mean?

  1. Sign of additional impairments (alcohol, drugs)
  2. Sign of diminished competence
  3. Sign of stress
  4. A signal of none emotional intelligence / too perfectionistic personality. To know more about the disruptive behavior you can refer to the source: Report Unsafe Working Conditions | Unsafe Work Environment.
  5. Sign of mental illness

How Is Disruptive Behavior a Threat to Patient Safety?

  1. Boost stress within the healthcare group
  2. Decreases openness to communicate
  3. Inhibits nurses and pharmacists from questioning orders or patient care plans
  4. Expensive for your company

The Cascade of Disrespect

If the process and the cycle are unchecked:

  1. May accelerate to intimidation, bullying, and seldom, violence
  2. May pick targeted individuals
  3. Normally involves the power imbalance
  4. Inexperienced, unassertive, passive characters are targets
  5. Rarely peers
  6. Finally, normalizes behavior: It’s the way things are around here.