The trust is more expensive in the beginning than a traditional will. The cost of the extra paper and ink is not the reason, though. The attorney fees will likely be higher since it takes more time to set up a living trust properly.

Your situation will need to be discussed so the best plan for distributing your estate can be drawn up. You can get more details about Living Trust in California | Living Trust Lawyer in Orange County,CA via Tompkins-Law Estate Planning Attorney.

The legal professional will look for ways to make fees as minimal as is possible, bypass probate whenever you can, reduce costs to your property and any delays in disbursing your property. Also, just because a “living” trust can be utilized when you are still living, you can find more to consider than there has been a straightforward will.


Since different lawyers have different cost scales, you will see variance in fees. It will rely upon your unique situation and what resources you have. However, an over-all ballpark shape would be around $1000 more to create a full time income trust with a pour-over will feature instead of a normal will with a testamentary trust.

Cost of a Trustee – Usually, the trustee of your living trust throughout your life would be you. However, in the event you become incapacitated, you’ll want your successor trustee to dominate in your stead. In case the successor trustee is a pal or relative they could do the task free of charge. However, if you choose to have a specialist trustee take care of the living trust, then there would be fees incurred for the service a specialist trustee provides.

Cost of Financing – There may be copy fees to copy investments to the trust. But they are fees that could have been paid in any case by your real estate later when cash were moved after your loss of life.

So, yes a trust is usually more expensive to create and fund than a will. However, that money could well be recaptured (and then some) by avoiding probate upon your death. In the end, if you have a sufficiently sized estate to warrant a living trust, then it is worth the added expense. The more complex and large your estate is, the more your estate will likely save in probate costs by having your assets in a living trust.