A very easy to cook tasty food is no more a challenge for you. Here we shall go through the recipe of making a rich and tasty cashew-Sesame Quinoa Salad.

Take quinoa in a bowl and rinse it well.  Add water, salt and the cashew nuts in raw form or you can also consider roasting the cashew nuts a little bit. Mix the cooking oil in the utensil and add the lemon juice to make it more tasty and limy. Then add a little chili and garlic sauce according to your taste and preference. You can even use the garlic paste that is easily available in the market. Give it little time to cook. When the cashew nuts become little brown, add the chopped carrot and other vegetables like freshly cut leaves of cabbage. You can also add the vegetables you like in this salad. Mix these all ingredients well and your salad will be ready.

The salad is so nutritious that it will cover a considerable part of the proteins and calcium requirements of your body. The raw cashew nuts too, are nutritious in nature which will supply a lot of energy to the cells in your body. The recipe of making Cashew-Sesame Quinoa salad has also been described by Mahée Ferlini in her main Pinterest board and you can also try that at your home to give your taste buds a treat. Check Mahee’s pinterest boards here pinterest.com/maheeferlini to know how to make tasty salad easily.