Flowers come in so many different containers and if you get a bouquet and you want to preserve it, then you can pick whatever you want to and put it in there and make it a piece of art.

For instance, you may have a little craft, as seen here, that you just throw your bouquet in and think well you know one way that you can preserve this is, you can just leave it and because it's baby's breath hydrangea for example, you can put a little water in it, change it out and it'll dry naturally on its own. It's okay just to let it sitting with the water and then what if the water becomes like dark and murky?

You don't always experiment so don't let it get moldy and stop bacteria that kind of turns it off. What you could do is, take the flowers out and then change your water out but eventually the baby’s breath will dry. You have different types of flowers, you have a carnation flower, you have the greens but then you also have like a more fleshy flower which is a rose.

So one way that you can do it is the old, traditional standard way, which is simply hanging them upside down. You want to make sure that you clip it, you could put a hanger back down. You want to clip it at an angle and then use a rubber band. The reason you use a rubber band is because when you take the moisture out then they begin to shrink.

So the rubber band adjusts as opposed to a pretty bow tie. You can put it on just a little pant hook and then hang it up either in a closet, or somewhere that's dry and has like lots of air circulation.

Another technique is by oven drying it. So if your oven goes down to 100 degrees, it's a very slow drying process right? You do have to keep an eye on it and you do want to rotate your flower so it doesn't get flat. One more way to dry it is just by putting it in a tray and then you can put a paper towel in there and it'll just absorb the moisture and over time you just let it sit for probably two to four days maybe even depending on how big the rose is, it could take up to a week.