Dr. Robi Ludwig is a well-known name in the New York City and in its surrounding areas. She practices psychology and understands the difficulties caused to patients by all forms of mental illnesses. She specializes in treating the patients who are depressed, abuse of all forms, be it racial, color, gender or other forms. The Doctor has also earned a very good name in treating patients of any and all their mental disorders. She is a heartthrob of many, who helps all her patients and generally, everybody of their minds and actually, what may be the ca and use of their problems.

Robi Ludwig gained her doctorate in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and the California Southern University. Apart from this, she holds a post masters certificate in Clinical work from the Hunter College and a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the Cedar Crest College. All these studies have turned her into the able professional that she is known for world-wide today. She is also known all-over for the calm and genuinity she treats all her patients with. Dr. Robi Ludwig treats each of her patients with utmost care explaining to each of them their minds, mental makeup and the cause of their illnesses.