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Amazing Things to Do In Southern Cebu

What would you do if you are given a short break from your busy reality that you are experiencing in your work in the city? Where you want to be if you want to give yourself a reward after a week of hassles and stress? What if you only have a little time for unwinding and relaxing with nature? Need not to worry now, here’s a great tip from us as you plan your trip in Cebu.

Rent a Van

For you to save up more money for the trip, you book for a Cebu self-drive van and you’re free to go and enjoy Cebu with your family or with your friends. No need to be challenged by language barrier anymore since that you’re the one in charge of the van.

Behold at the Crystal Clear Water in Sumilon

The Sumilon Island will offer you a great sight of the sparkling colored sea that will amaze your eyes. It would be good if you rent a snorkeling gear too so you can truly appreciate the life under the water.

Witness the Glory of Tumalog Falls

No words and pictures that you can use to describe the beauty and majesty of Tumalog Falls. Don’t ever miss visiting this place because you might miss half of your life. The beauty of the falls will make your jaw drop.

Don’t forget to cover your stuff that isn't waterproof because it will get wet with its mist. We suggest that you should take a dip in the falls and relax with its cold water to complete your Tumalog experience.

Be pleased with Dau Falls

For you to see the beauty of Dau Falls, you must trek before for 30 minutes. It’s just an easy trek since the trail is not that complicated and it’s flat. If you don’t like trekking, you will miss the point of the fulfillment that you meet in the falls.

How to avoid ‘Uh oh I Damaged Under the Car’ Scenario!

While the undercarriage of your rental vehicle is not noticeable, it is a piece of the auto that can acquire genuine harm from basic driving disasters – and can be exorbitant to you since this segment is for the most part not secured under your essential auto employ protection.

So when you are out on the town and enjoying every one of the offerings of your most recent travel enterprise, remember the accompanying tips for approaches to ensure the undercarriage of your rental vehicle.

Entering and Exiting Driveways

Plunges and skyscraper knocks are very normal with business and even private garages. We have all either experienced or seen drivers enter or leave a carport just to have the front undercarriage of their vehicle rub against the coarse cement or bitumen.

Take additional care when moving toward carports. Back off as your speed can affect your capacity to deliberately explore your exit or passage.

Bear to remember as a top priority what kind of rental vehicle you are driving. In the event that you are accustomed to working a bigger auto or an SUV yet have enlisted a minimal or standard vehicle, guarantee you know about the auto's lower ground position.

Stopping Near Concrete Barriers

Other large portions of us are blameworthy of is stopping over the solid wheel boundaries that are noticeable apparatuses inside many strip mall carparks. Be watchful of their area and abstain from stopping excessively close – particularly when driving a littler or standard measured vehicle.

Notwithstanding the solid wheel obstructions, the hindrances that contain person on foot intersections (normal inside strip mall carparks) can likewise represent a danger to the front area of your vehicle when you approach at high speeds. Back off and continue with the alert.

Checking Driving Surfaces

For the most part, auto employ providers will stipulate that their rental vehicles are to remain on fixed streets and are not to be presented to free driving surfaces, for example, sand (shorelines), rock, soil tracks, and so on.

In specific conditions, you will find that you may need to explore regions where free stones might be available – new street surfaces, reviewed fundamental streets experiencing upkeep or street works, the need to move from the principle street to pull over on the shoulder, or entering private property that has an unlocked carport. On the off chance that you encounter these sorts of circumstances, be cautious and drive to the states of the street to decrease potential harm.

Exploring the Unexpected

Now and then we are compelled to settle on speedy choices when driving, and this is particularly so when we are confronted with a sudden thing or protest situated inside our driving way.

When voyaging, guarantee you are looking forward to securely observe any potential perils. Try not to set out excessively near autos in front and watch activity stream and developments – you can, by and large, envision an adjustment in driving conditions by observing how movement is acting in front. Sudden braking or vehicles swerving are great signs that additional care should be taken.

Try not to risk going over a thing on the off chance that you realise that it is projecting from the beginning. Utilise good judgment and be sheltered about your choices.

Consider Your Options

Notwithstanding the above tips, you can take out monetary worry from any mischances or setbacks by considering your abundance decrease choices through our accomplice, Allianz Insurance. Our protection bundle offers clients the opportunity to add significant serenity to their rental experience by including spread for perspectives, for example, windows, tires, undercarriage, rooftop, loss of keys, and the provider's stipulated abundance sum.

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