Beats Headphones is probably one of the most popular brands in the music industry today. Every teenager I see on the bus has a pair of Beats studio headphones around their neck. They’ve obviously done very well to market their products and charge extortionate prices. But, are they actually any good? To put it simply, they’re terrible. In fact, I’d rather build my own studio headphones with the TMA-2 Modular instead of wasting my money on Beats.

When I buy a new pair of headphones, the first thing I look for is the sound quality. After all, what’s the point of buying headphones when the sound quality is terrible? As the Beats wireless studio headphones cost a little over 300 bucks, I was expecting premium audiophile sound quality. To my surprise, the sound quality was really poor. Honestly, I’ve used $50 headphones that had much better sound quality than Beats.

I also like a product that looks sleek and feels premium. Well, Beats headphones look like chose cheap 5-dollar headphones that little kids use. They’re completely covered in plastic material and have a tendency to break very easily. I really don’t understand how Beats Studio headphones could cost so much. If you consider the poor sound quality and the total number of parts used in making them, I would estimate the cost to be no more than $20. Yet, they’re somehow charging $300 for them and selling a lot of units as well. It’s too easy these days to trick people into spending their hard-earned money on poor quality gadgets. To finish off, let me just say that the Beats Studio headphones are not good at all and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their money on these.