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How To Select The Best Lighting For Your Banquet

How to Achieve the Right Type of Lighting at Banquet Halls in Windsor?

Lighting is one aspect which can easily enhance decoration at banquet halls Windsor region and help you leave a mark upon guests attending your reception. Lighting also has the power to totally modify feel as well as ambiance at the venue and make it possible to achieve effects you have imagined. Let us examine some of the steps you need to take to get the right lighting effect according to the theme you have in mind for the wedding.

How to achieve right type of lighting at a Windsor Banquet Hall

Value of Right Type of Lighting

banquet halls WindsorGuests will be able to view as well as admire decoration you have implemented at the venue only when they are able to properly view such decoration. Thus, right lighting will highlight decoration at the venue and enhance it further. Let us go through some points which highlight the need for proper lighting:

  • Pin spot lighting can help in properly highlighting certain arrangement of flowers in comparison to costly flowers which are kept at an unlit location.
  • Likewise, it will not be possible to showcase intricate carvings on your wedding cake in case cake spotlight is not used.
  • Similarly, right lighting will make linens look a lot brighter as well as upscale as compared to linen which has not been highlighted using lighting.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Type of Lighting

Use of lighting will largely depend upon the venue you have selected for the reception. Additionally, you have to visit the venue at the time reception has been planned so that lighting requirements can be analyzed to select most appropriate options. Moreover, type of lighting will vary depending on whether it will be an indoor or outdoor location. 

  • Indoor Location: At indoor venues, you will have to analyze the possibility of using additional lighting options (like hanging chandeliers) in addition to lighting already present at the venue. You will also have to check whether built-in lighting at the venue is focused towards desired locations according to the planned wedding theme.
  • Outdoor Location: For outdoor locations, you will have to go on a site visit at evening (if it would be an evening reception) to check locations where lighting will be necessary. Moreover, you need to ensure there are required power outlets to meet your lighting requirement.

Proper Utilization of Lighting

There are different ways in which lighting can be used  at banquet halls Windsor, let us go through the details here.

Use of Colored Lighting: Colored lighting can completely modify the ambiance at the wedding venue. As such you can use lighting to create different moods at different times, such as during dinner or at the time of dance.

Combination of Shadows and Lights: You can create special feel at the venue and form different casting patterns using light. Gobo projectors, lanterns and cut out designs can come handy in accomplishing this goal.

In Conclusion

As we can see lighting is an integral part of venue decoration and makes it possible to create the desired ambiance at the venue.

Tips On Decorating Your Wedding Venue

How to Completely Transform Decoration

at London Wedding Venues?

Venue decoration is one of the most important elements you need to look into during your wedding. By using a bit of innovation you can easily transform the decoration and bring uniqueness into it. To help you in this endeavor we will be sharing some decoration ideas to usher in that dramatic effect into venue decoration.

London Wedding Venues and Unique Decoration Ideas

Use of – Lights / Location Specific Decoration / Personalization

Use of Lights for Ceilings

London wedding venuesIf you have selected one of the London wedding venues with lofty ceilings then you can try out different decoration techniques to enhance visual appeal of the space. One such technique consists of use of lights for decoration purpose. As for example, you can hang cafe lights, chandeliers and lanterns from such lofty ceilings to create a different atmosphere at the venue. These lights will also make the venue look less empty and create an intimate ambiance.

Utilize Location Specific Decoration

Decoration can also be helpful in highlighting certain spots inside the venue. Best thing to do here is utilize smaller lights for this purpose. As for instance, sweetheart table can get special attention if gobo lights are focused onto wall behind that table. Likewise, you can highlight guest book table, cake table and the escort card table by making use of pinspot lighting.

Personalize Decoration at the Venue

You will certainly like to include a personal touch to decoration at the venue and this can be made possible by grouping decor displays. One good example will be of setting up the guest book table to have different floral arrangements, framed photographs as well as family mementos. Similarly, you can rent antique furniture and make them part of the decoration at the venue to get that vintage feel at the wedding.

Innovate with Dinner Tables

Instead of using the usual round dinner tables, you can opt for tables having different shapes to make things interesting. As for example, round and square tables can be mixed together to give the place a completely different look and feel. Similarly, if you want to develop an intimate atmosphere then long tables can help you achieve this goal. Moreover, you can further enhance the decoration at the venue by setting up chandeliers like wrought iron chandeliers or the crystal chandeliers to make your guests feel special.

Try Different Options in Use of Glassware

Normally, guests attending a wedding are accustomed to use of usual clear glassware during the event. You can change things up by using glassware having different shades such as red or cobalt, which will make guests admire your innovative thinking. Similarly, by adding splashes of different colors at various locations you can easily create a joyful atmosphere within the venue.

A Final Note

As we can see there are several options that can be utilized for decoration of London wedding venues. All you have to do is visit different London wedding venues to get decoration ideas and personalize them to develop a decoration theme that looks special.

Tips On Choosing The Right Color For Your Wedding Day

An Overview of Four Important Aspects

to Enhance Use of Colors at a Wedding Venue

It can be said that colors are one of the most important elements of any wedding. By choosing right colors you can make things interesting as well as attractive at London wedding venues. On the contrary, wrong colors can become a distraction and spoil the ambiance at the venue. Thus, our aim here will be to examine aspects which you need to focus on for selecting right colors for your wedding and the venue.

Aspects to Consider While Selecting Colors

Clash of Colors at Wedding Venue

London wedding venuesYou don't want a clash between colors you select for your wedding and colors used at the wedding venue. As such, if proper balance is not established between these colors then everything will look out of place. Let us look at an example to illustrate it in a better way. Suppose wedding venue has brown colored walls and if main color theme for the wedding is selected as blue then both colors will clash with each other. Likewise, red curtains will certainly not work with a color scheme will is primarily orange. However, if you want to stick with your chosen color scheme then it will become necessary to search for London wedding venues which have neutral colors to work with colors you want to include at the venue.

Importance of Scale

Taking into consideration size of the item will be important while decision is made about use of any particular color for such item. Let us go through an example to help you get a clear idea about it.

Suppose you are planning to set up long tables at the venue and make use of a deep red table cloth for covering the table then the tables will look very awkward. Instead, you should  select a floral design and make use of deep red colored props to make such long tables look attractive. 

Use of Several Colors

You may feel tempted to utilize several different colors at the venue to make things look interesting. But use of multiple colors will have a completely opposite effect and make your guests feel overwhelmed. Best thing to do for avoiding this type of situation is to choose couple of primary colors and utilize different shades of these colors in a proper manner. Additionally, you need to select a neutral color to function as base and utilize second color in addition to different shades of that color in your venue decoration.

Appropriate Color Selection

During color selection it will be your responsibility to take into consideration all relevant aspects. As for instance, in case neon color theme is what you want to implement then you will have to keep note of the fact that finding flowers that would match this type of color scheme will become very difficult. Thus, it will be important for you to opt for natural hues while selecting a color scheme to make sure that decor and flowers complement each other.


As we can see decorating London wedding venues will become less challenging if you have proper plan in place which takes into consideration all above mentioned aspects related to selection of colors.