An avalanche is another type of natural disaster; it can also be caused due to human interference and intervention. During an avalanche, the snow on the mountainous areas starts to slip down the surface. As the snow slips, it starts to gain velocity and plenty of mass. Avalanche has the capacity to destroy the natural habitat of plants, animals and human being living in and around the hilly regions. We will discuss on the issue of what to do in case of an avalanche and will give you some very important life saving tips. What to do in case of an avalanche are mentioned here under:

  1. The most common what to do in case of an avalanche tip is obviously running away from the track of the snow slide. If the snow is quite far, this is what you should actually do.
  2. Taking safety equipments for a possible avalanche outbreak is a smart idea. You should carry a receiver, a shovel, a helmet and few other safety equipment products.
  3. If you are a frequent mountaineer and go there for skiing or snowboarding then taking avalanche management lessons will be a good idea. There are organizations which provide training courses to handle an avalanche.

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