A brand new kitchen worktop can add a new look and feel of the home and enhance its performance. The material options to your new work surface change in aesthetic charm, maintenance needed, strength, and usefulness. In this article we have something for every single homeowners taste and budget.

Comparison of Resources

To pick the best option product for the new kitchen counter, it is advisable to have a concept of all of their properties so that you will make the best purchase. If you are specifically looking for granite worktops, you may have a look at http://www.stoneconnectionworksurfaces.co.uk/products/granite/.

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Laminates are constructed with slender blankets of plastic of different width. Formica is a widely used laminate. Laminates can reproduce the appearance of other supplies, including stone. It's an inexpensive substance, available in a sizable variety of shades, styles, and floors, the sides may be square or rolled, along with the material is tolerant to staining and simple to clean.

Laminates involve some disadvantages also. Their end might get rotten as a result of heat; so hotpots and items shouldn't be added to a laminated surface. Washing liquids with strong substances also can harm the surface.


Tiles are a comparatively inexpensive strategy to incorporate colour and character to your kitchen. They're obtainable in a variety of sizes including 1 to 18 square inches. Tiles are largely made of hard ceramics; the glazing renders tiles immune to humidity, soiling, and scuffing.

Tiles give you the liberty to design your kitchen countertop while in the many creative of techniques. They can be arranged vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Tiles provide a range of surface and sample possibilities.


Corian is a brand name to get a solid surface kitchen countertop material. Unlike laminates, a solid surface contains a single block of plastic. Solid surfaces are tough, available in a range of colours, matte and gloss finish, the joints are not distinguished, and so they present a standard look. Solid materials could simulate the look and experience of rock.

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Granite Stone:

Granite is the most favoured stone for counters. Its experience and character are copied by many artificial options but never quite equalled. Marble is incredibly tough, scratchproof, and heat resistant. Thus, it eliminates the requirement for adding trivets or possibly a cutting board.

It offers a wide variety of pure shades in finished and matte finishes. It can be washed with soap and water, a special cleaner for removing stains is preferred. You may hire a skilled installation team to get your countertops installed in a better way.


Quartz is a gorgeous pure material that's difficult and tough too. Quartz offers several benefits when compared to different countertop products. It provides higher scratch and scorch resistance in comparison with plastic surfaces.

It also doesn't require resealing and provides better mark resistance than stone. Quartz comes in a variety of colours and offers several border design alternatives.